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Why a Viridian Laser Sight or Tactical Light?

Learn about Viridian Weapon Technologies and how they have evolved through the years bringing you the best laser sights and tactical lights.

Find out from Peter Johnson, Founder of Archway defense, why you need a Viridian® laser sight or tactical light on your handgun.

Peter Johnson, founder of Archway Defense tells you about the Never Go Naked or Everyday Carry movement.

INSTANT-ON® Activation

Viridian INSTANT-ON is the most advanced and easiest laser/light activation system available today. Learn from WARTAC CQC trainer Rich Nance.

Rob Pincus of PDN explains how INSTANT-ON activation works and why you need it.

X Series®

The next generation is here. Viridian has released the X5L Gen 3 Laser with Tactical light. Find out the key features of this next generation X Series sighting system.

Rob Pincus of PDN reviews the removable, rechargeable batteries that come with Viridian's X5L Gen 3 laser sight with tactial light and FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Camera.

Rob Pincus of PDN reviews Viridian's new X5L Gen 3 laser sight with tactical light combo.

Check out the rail-mounted X-Series® from Viridian. Learn from Rich Nance of WARTAC CQC why everyone with a full-size pistol needs to outfit their weapon with this cutting edge technology.

Learn how to install and program your Viridian universal rail-mounted laser/light sights. Rob Pincus from PDN walks you through the X-Series and C-Series in full detail.

C Series®

C Series Product Overview

Rich Nance of WARTAQ CQC goes over the Viridian C Series. Find out why this cutting edge technology is perfect for any railed pistol.

Reactor® Series

Reactor Series model overview.

This trigger-guard mounted laser or tactical light is engineered to fit dozens of the most popular pocket pistols, making it the ideal solution for those who conceal and carry.

Rob Pincus of PDN explains the Reactor series with INSTANT-ON.

E Series®

E Series Product Overview

FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Cameras

Viridian® FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Camera Overview

Viridian® Weapon-Mounted Camera: Full Promo

Viridian FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Camera Overview with Rob Pincus

FACT Duty Advantage: Less Data Storage

How does the FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Camera fill the gap for law enforcement?

FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Camera Law Enforcement Scenario: Traffic Stop

FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Camera Law Enforcement Scenario: Squad Car Ambush

FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Camera Law Enforcement Scenario: Foot Pursuit

FACT Weapon-Mounted Camera, Consumer Version Overview

Media Coverage

Police in Garland Utah test out FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Cameras.

WCCO 4 Minneapolis: West Hennepin Police Department implements Vridian's Weapon-Mounted Cameras

Kare 11 Minneapolis: West Hennepin Police Implement Weapon-Mounted Cameras

Fox 45 Dayton: Rockford police testing FACT Duty Weapon-Mounted Cameras

WVTM 13 Birmingham: Moody police now testing Viridan's Weapon-Mounted Cameras.

TMJ4 Milwaukee: Cedarburg Police testing out Viridian's Weapon-Mounted Camera.

KPNX 12 Phoenix: Viridian® Weapon Mounted Cameras

Cronkite News: Viridian® Weapon Technologies

WCCO 4 News: Viridian® Weapon-Mounted Cameras

KSTP 5 Minneapolis News: Viridian® Weapon-Mounted Cameras

KSTC 45 Minneapolis News: Viridian® Weapon-Mounted Cameras

FOX 5 News: Viridian® Weapon-Mounted Cameras

Tactical Tips

Learn from Peter Johnson, founder of Archway Defense, why having a permit to carry a firearm is a good idea.

Learn how to clear a firearm from an expert, Peter Johnson, founder of Archway Defense.

Dry Fire Tips from Ryan Gresham of GunTalk TV

Deadly Threat Tips with Ryan Gresham of GunTalk TV

Home Defense tips with Ryan Greshman of GunTalk TV

At the Range with Rich Nance of WARTAC CQC

The Viridian® X5L-RS is the ultimate upgrade to your rifle or shotgun. Learn more as this top of the line product is reviewed by Rich Nance, owner of WARTAC CQC.

Find out why Viridian Laser Sights are ideal for shooting from unusual positions.

Guns and Ammo Video Series

Shooting on the Move

Speed vs Accuracy

Clearing a Building Tips with Rich Nance of WARTAC CQC

Weaver or Isosceles?

Operating in the Dark

Just the FACTs Video Series from NRA 2017

Episode 1, Rob Pincus, Executive Director of Personal Defense Network, discussed the value of defensive firearms training, weapon-mounted lasers, team building and more.

Episode 2, Massad Ayoob, Author & Instructor, discussed the value of the Armed Citizens Network, Expert Testimony, the 5-Point Checklist, and more.

Episode 3, Rob Leatham, Springfield Armory Professional Shooter, shares his experience as a 26 time USPSA national shooter champion, his wisdom on military training, and more.

Episode 4, Mark Walters, Radio Host shares a life-changing event that shaped his life and career. He discusses situation awareness, gut instinct, and much.

Episode 5, Viridian sat down with Ruger® Engineer Mark Gurney to discuss life at Ruger®, product management, silencers, the LCP® II and other new products.

Episode 6, Kevin Michalowski, Executive Editor of Concealed Carry Magazine, discusses one of the biggest mistakes in training, benefits of the Viridian FACT system, and more.

Episode 7, Viridian sat down with Sabrina Karels, USCCA Legal Advisory Board to discuss self-defense rights, gun laws, shooter insurance, and the Second Amendment.

Episode 8, Mark Walters, Radio Host shares his wisdom on how what you do and say after a shooting could change your life, and much more.

Episode 9, Rob Pincus of Personal Defense Network discusses: Combat Focus® Shooting, training with Viridian, the importance of efficient holsters, medical kits, and more.

Episode 10, Dusty Sroufe, the head of New Product Development at Taurus discusses: product development, his career at Taurus, market trends, the new Taurus Spectrum and much more.

Episode 11, Sarah Cade discusses her background, Minnesota gun laws, advocacy, debates, arguing effectively and more.

Episode 12, Rob Pincus of Personal Defense Network discusses: NRA 2017 takeaways, the PDN training tour,, active shooter scenarios, proactive training and much more.