C Series®

Fits all railed pistols.

The best compact laser/light combo on the market. Featuring the brightest green and red lasers, RADIANCE® taclights, ECR® INSTANT-ON®, CREE® LED.

X Series®

The ultimate upgrade for your full-sized pistol.

The X SERIES outfits your railed pistol or long gun with the brightest green laser for daytime visibility and the new CREE LED to own the night. The Elite Red laser offers precision targeting for the budget conscious.


Carry small. Respond big.

Built to fit specific pocket pistols. The R5 green laser sight is up to 50 times brighter than red. The R5-R red laser sight offers similar performance for the budget conscious. All REACTOR models include a free INSTANT-ON holster.

E Series®

Essential gear for everyday carry.

Powerful target acquisition, yet affordable for the masses.

What really happened.

The truth as told by the facts. Viridian's new FACT DUTY is designed to provide crucial data when a use of force incident occurs.

Law Enforcement

FACT DUTY weapon-mounted cameras are the ideal solution for police departments large and small.

INSTANT ON® Technology

When you draw, it's on!

The instant you draw, the camera/laser/taclight automatically ignites. Never fumble with buttons, grips, or holds. Leave nothing to chance.

Why a Laser Sight?

Because unequipped = unprepared.

A pistol without a laser sight is a naked gun. Laser sights significantly increase your odds of survival and can be a threat deterrent. Never go naked™.

Green Lasers

Viridian green lasers are up to 50 times brighter than conventional red and are visible at all times of the day.

Red Lasers

Viridian red lasers generate the brightest, sharpest red dot legally possible for greater accuracy for the budget conscious.


RADIANCE® taclight technology expands light into a wider beam pattern, revealing over twice the horizontal area of conventional taclights.


Viridian offers several holster brands and options that include INSTANT-ON activation. Already have a holster? Upgrade with an ECR INSTANT-ON kit.

Why Viridian?

Compare and discover why
Viridian laser sights are the best.

7 Year Limited Warranty

Most Viridian® products come with a 7 year limited warranty against defects in the material and workmanship.*

*7 year limited warranty does not apply to FACT cameras.