Viridian C Series Green Laser

Perfect Fit

Viridian Holster Works builds the finest holster solutions for Viridian equipped firearms.

Laser + Viridian Holster = Perfect Fit.

Viridian C Series Green Lase


Optimized cut for fit and comfort as well as easy draw and reholstering. Inclusive hole patterns for belt clip placement ad- justment for appendix carry to 5 o'clock waist placement.

From the Moment You Draw, It's On

Viridian's legendary patented INSTANT-ON feature automatically acti- vates equipped models instantly upon draw from holster. All C Series and X Series are equipped with this proprietary technology.

Made in the USA

100% American Made utilizing premium materials including thermoformed Kydex.

Viridian INSTANT-ON Activation Kit


Viridian Holster Works designs holsters to seamlessly fit Viridian-equipped firearms. We take immense pride in delivering the pinnacle of precision and compatibility, ensuring a “Perfect Fit” for your firearm. Our holsters go beyond flexibility and comfort; they’re meticulously crafted with optimized cuts to ensure a smooth draw and snug reholstering.

What truly sets us apart our kydex holsters is the patented INSTANT-ON feature, a cornerstone of Viridian’s product line. This innovative technology automatically activates your Viridian accessory the moment you draw from the holster, ensuring you’re always prepared when it matters most. Our holsters also feature inclusive hole patterns for adjustable belt clip placement, allowing for a comfortable carry whether in an appendix position or 5 o’clock waist placement.

When you choose a Viridian Holster Works Custom Kydex Holster, you’re not only choosing precision and innovation but also American craftsmanship at its finest. Our holsters are proudly handmade in Minnesota, USA with 100% domestically sourced premium materials like thermoformed Kydex. Elevate your carry experience with holsters that are as exceptional as your Viridian-equipped firearm.



The Ultimate Duo: E Series Lasers -C Series & Viridian Custom Kydex Holsters Experience the synergy of a Viridian hand-crafted custom Kydex holster paired with an E Series laser and C Series. Engineered for resilience and precision, this combi- nation delivers an unparalleled concealed carry experience. The durable Kydex holster is custom-fitted to your firearm and laser, ensuring a secure and comforta- ble fit that maximizes both safety and ease of access. Choosing a Viridian custom Kydex holster and E Series laser is not just an upgrade-it's a game-changer for your concealed carry.

Made in Minnesota

Viridian Holster Works is a custom kydex holster shop within Viridian located right here in Minnesota. We've been building holsters for over 10 years and every holster is hand built by our team of holster artisans.

Viridian INSTANT-ON Activation Kit



Viridian offers many holster brands, including CrossBreed®️, Galco®️, and DeSantis Gunhide®️, that include built-in INSTANT-ON®️ activation technology. Holsters are available for E SERIES™️, C SERIES®️, X SERIES Gen 3, and Reactor®️ models.

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