Viridian TacLoc Holster features include locking retention (level 2), Rugged Kydex Constuction, INSTANT-ON enabled and belt paddle attachement.

Paired with the TACLOC holster, your Viridian C or X SERIES® Gen 2 laser/tactial light ignites the instant you draw. No delay, no fumbling with buttons, just more rounds on target in any situation. INSTANT-ON® is the ultimate combat-ready carry system. When you draw, it's on™.

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1. Grip Weapon

2. Lay finger safely on the TACLOC release, press and draw. (Instantly powers on)

3. Finger aligns itself with frame.

Galco, DeSantis Gunhide, Crossbreed Holsters

3rd Party Concealed Carry Holsters

Viridian offers many holster brands, including CrossBreed®, Galco®, and DeSantis Gunhide®, that include built-in INSTANT-ON® activation technology. Holsters are available for Reactor®, E SERIES, C SERIES® and X SERIES Gen 3 models.

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C Series

Galco®King Tuk

X Series GEN 3

DeSantis®Speed Lite

Viridian INSTANT-ON Activation Kit

Upgrade Your Holster with INSTANT-ON®

This kit comes with everything you will need for an easy upgrade. Simply apply this INSTANT-ON holster upgrade and you will have automatic light/laser activation when you draw.