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Viridian prides itself on customer service. We understand the importance of a manufacturer that stands behind their products. Please call or email if you have any service needs or technical questions. We will make sure your situation is resolved to your satisfaction!

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Q. My Viridian is not functioning correctly. What should I do?

First, like most electronic devices, many problems can be fixed by simply removing the battery and replacing it-effectively restarting the unit. If this doesn't work try replacing the battery with a new one (Viridian batteries can be purchased here). If that doesn't work, please contact us via phone or email so we can service your unit .

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1-800-990-9390 or contact customer service.

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Q. What is the difference between the Viridian C5L and a Viridian X5L Gen 2?

A. The biggest differences between the C5L and X5L is light output and size. The C5L is roughly half the length of the X5L. However, the X5L features a 178 lumen tactical light (224 on strobe mode) while the C5L features a 100 lumen tactical light (140 on strobe mode).

Q. What is the difference between the Reactor Gen 1 and the Reactor Gen 2?

A. The Reactor Gen 2 has about triple the battery life of the Reactor Gen 1. In addition, the Reactor Gen 2 is shipped with a new Ambidextrous Microfiber IWB that can be easily modified into a pocket holster.

Q. How far can you see a Viridian green laser during the day and at night?

A. It all depends on outdoor lighting conditions and what surface you are shining the laser on, but at a minimum you will be able to see a Viridian green laser sight at 25 yards during the day and up to 100 yards. At night, you can see the laser up to two miles.

Q. What is Radiance Combat Optics?

A: With Radiance Combat Optics, light is dispersed in a wider area, which provides a better view of your surroundings and potential threats. Radiance Lighting focuses on the area where light is needed most, not on the floor or ceiling.

Q. Is there any general upkeep I can do for my Viridian?

A. Yes, regular cleaning (following the instructions below) will help maintain your unit in top working condition.

Front Lens Cleaning: Use a moistened cotton swab to periodically clean the front lens of gun powder residue. This step is important to prevent any degradation in the quality of the green aiming point and/or beam. We recommend doing this after every trip to the range.

Exterior of Unit: Clean the Viridian by wiping with a soft, damp cloth. Standard gun cleaning solvents may be used to clean stubborn areas.

Electrical Contacts: For cleaning of all electrical contacts, use a cotton swab dipped in alcohol. To remove heavy build-up on the contacts, carefully rub with a standard pencil eraser (be sure to thoroughly remove eraser residue).

Q. How do I change the batteries in my Viridian product?

A. C Series: Use a coin or flat head screwdriver and turn battery door until it loosens. Make sure the positive end of battery is facing into the unit when battery door is replaced. Also make sure threads of battery door are lined up correctly prior to tightening to prevent cross threading.

X5L Gen 2/X5L-RS: Turn the tactical light lens counter-clockwise and remove. Insert CR123A 3v battery positive side first. Replace tactical light lens and turn clockwise until it reaches its stopping point.

Reactor: Remove the three housing screws and pull of the shorter half. Place the batteries in the unit according to the writing above the rectangular metal contact. One side says negative, so the negative side of the battery will face down and touch the contact. The other side says positive, so the positive side of the battery will touch the contact. Replace the shorter half and re-insert the screws. NOTE: For LCP and LC9 Reactors, there is one smaller housing screw. That goes in the bottom hole of the unit, closer to the bottom of the trigger guard.

Q. What kind of batteries should I use in my Viridian?

A. If you have a C series Viridian you can use any NON-rechargeable coated lithium CR2 3 volt battery. If you have an X series laser (X5L Gen 2 or X5L-RS) you should use NON-rechargeable coated lithium CR123 3 volt battery. If you have a Reactor or E Series unit, you can use any NON-rechargeable coated lithium CR1/3n battery. We recommend using Viridian Tactical Energy Batteries. They can be purchased here.

Q. Can I use re-chargeable batteries in my Viridian?

A. You should not use rechargeable batteries in your Viridian (with the exception of the FACT Duty and X5L Gen 3 units, that come with rechargeable batteries.) We recommend you use Viridian's Tactial Energy + batteries that can be purchased here.

Q. What does the C SERIES mount to?

A. The Viridian Compact universal C Series will fit on nearly all railed firearms including railed subcompacts.

Q. What does the X5L Gen 2 Mount to?

A. The Viridian X5L Gen 2 will fit on virtually all railed full size handguns. When mounting the X5L, be sure to loosen the rail set screws prior to sliding the unit onto the rail, and then tighten the screws once it is in place.

Q. How do I adjust my Viridian for Windage and Elevation?

A. Follow these steps to adjust windage and elevation on your Viridian product:

  1. Set up a target with a clearly visible aiming point.
  2. Mount the Viridian onto the weapon's accessory mounting rail (see "Mounting" procedures).
  3. Turn ON the Viridian.
  4. While aiming the pistol through the iron sights, use one of the two provided adjustment wrenches (smaller sized) to adjust the visible green point of the Viridian. Turn the windage and elevation wrench to superimpose the Viridian's aiming point over the weapon's iron sight aiming point.
  5. Aim and fire a three round shot group into the center of the target's aiming point.
  6. Compare the impact point of the shot group to where the Viridian's aiming point was on the target to ensure they line up.
  7. Make the necessary adjustments to the Viridian to ensure its aiming point and the shot group are aligned.
  8. Turn the unit OFF.

Q. Which way do I turn the allen wrench to adjust the laser left, right, up or down?

A. Windage - To adjust the laser to the RIGHT, turn COUNTER-CLOCKWISE. To adjust the laser to the LEFT, turn CLOCKWISE.

Elevation - To adjust the laser LOWER, turn COUNTER- CLOCKWISE. To adjust the laser HIGHER, turn CLOCKWISE.

Q. At what distance should I sight my Viridian in at?

A. If you are using your Viridian for in-home protection we recommend you sight your Viridian to the distance of your largest room in your home. If you plan to conceal and carry your Viridian, you should sight your Viridian in at no less than 20ft.

Q. What holsters are available for Viridian-equipped handguns?

A. There are many holster solutions for Viridian-equipped handguns. Browse holsters here. Otherwise, there are many after-market holster solutions as well. More information can be found by contacting support.

Q. How do I switch modes on my Viridian?

A. C Series/X5L Gen 2: Once the unit is on, press and release both buttons at the same time to switch modes.

Reactor: When off, press the button once for solid laser (for RTL it would be a solid light.) Press the button again for pulsing laser (for RTL it would be a strobing light.)

Q. How can I determine if my C5, C5L, X5L Gen 2 or TacLoc holster is equipped with ECR Technology?

A. C5 - All C5 units with serial numbers beginning at or higher than C019860.

A. C5L - All C5L's with serial numbers beginning at or higher than C018000.

A. X5L (Gen 2) - All X5L (Gen 2) units with serial numbers beginning at or higher than X002830.

A. TacLoc holsters - look for the ECR logo on the product packaging.

If you are still unsure, please contact Customer Service at 1-800-990-9390 or email us.

Q. What is parallax error OR "Why isn't the gun and laser dot aiming at the same point no matter the distance the handgun is aimed?"

A. You will see a minor difference at varying distances. You will want to zero it in for whichever distance it will get used most. A good rule of thumb - if you are using your Viridian for in-home protection we recommend you sight your Viridian to the distance of your largest room in your home. If you plan to conceal and carry your Viridian, you should sight your Viridian to a normal handgun range (7-12 yards). Fortunately, since the laser is designed to emit as close as possible along the line of fire, it should not make too much of a difference. This minor error is referred to as "parallax error" and the math follows as such. If your target is half the distance from where you are zeroed in (i.e. zeroed in at 20 feet but facing a target at 10 feet) your shots will hit 1 inch higher than your green laser aiming point would indicate. The converse is also true.

Q. Why was my credit card charged before my order shipped?

A. Our secure order processing system does not store your credit card information (for your protection) and is not capable of deferring credit card charges. Credit cards are charged immediately upon purchase.

Q. Why was my credit card declined?

A. Upon clicking on the "Place Your Order" button at the last step of checkout, your order and credit card information will be processed. If your credit card is declined, a message will appear on the page with the reason why it was declined. If it is declined as a result of an AVS mismatch, please verify that the billing address information you are entering on the website is an exact match to the billing address information on file with your credit card issuing bank. If your card is declined as a result of the card code mismatch, please ensure that you are correctly entering the 3 or 4 digit code that appears on the front or back of your card (varies by card type). If your transaction is otherwise declined, please ensure that you have sufficient funds available in your account to complete the transaction, or contact your bank to inquire about any holds that may have been placed on your card.

Declined transactions may appear on your billing statement as pending transactions. Within 5 business days, your bank will remove these pending transactions from your account. Because the transactions were declined, they will never be posted or permanently charged to your account. Unfortunately, during that time that the bank is processing the pending transactions, those charges will be deducted from your account balance. These funds are not being held by, and may have their pending status removed only by your bank.

Q. Why am I receiving promotional emails from Viridian?

A. We will occasionally send out informational or promotional e-mails regarding our product line. Your personal information is used by Viridian only. We do not sell or share your information with anyone. We only collect information like your name, email address, mailing address, phone number, and billing information so we can provide email marketing services pertaining to our website and products.

If you wish to be removed from our e-mail mailing list, simply click the unsubscribe link located at the bottom of the email you received, reply to the promotional e-mail or E-mail Support with your request.

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