The fastest activation possible

INSTANT-ON is the core technology of our products and is exactly what makes them so easy, so effective and so revolutionary.


Step OneEnable any INSTANT-ON-equipped laser/light/camera to your preferred mode.


Step TwoHolster your weapon in an INSTANT-ON-equipped holster – laser/light/camera will automatically shut off.


Step ThreeWhen the gun is drawn, the laser/light/camera will activate automatically without needing to push buttons or switches.


Products with INSTANT-ON


C Series

C Series

X Series

X Series

Reactor Series

Reactor Series

Word On the Street

  • All you need to do is remove the firearm from the holster and you are instantly on and ready to go. When you are defending yourself and those you care about you can’t afford to guess or take extra time to manipulate buttons and levers that you don’t need to. Viridian’s INSTANT-ON will help to make yourself safer and protect your family in a worst case scenario.

    Rob Pincus Managing Editor, PDN
  • In a self defense situation, you need every advantage. INSTANT-ON gives you that advantage. You are no longer required to do any manual manipulations to activate your laser or light.

    Rich Nance Wartac CQC
  • I’ve decided to use Viridian because it is always there when I need it and instantly on.

    Kevin Michalowski Editor, Concealed Carry Magazine
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