Viridian Gun and Laser Packages

Viridian is excited to now be selling custom and exclusive gun + Viridian packages direct to consumers. These packages are a great way to get a new pistol plus the world's best weapon mounted accessories in a custom package and at a special price.

Gun and Laser Packages from Viridian

How to buy a gun from Viridian Weapon Technologies

How to buy a gun from Viridian Weapon Technologies

Here is how to arrange a shipment and transfer:

  1. Find and select a licensed FFL dealer in your area.
  2. Contact the dealer and let dealer know you would like to receive a firearm for transfer from
  3. Be sure to ask about their FFL transfer fee, commonly around $25 but varies by state.
  4. If you agree to the fee, arrange the transfer with your FFL dealer. (We do not arrange the transfer)
  5. Provide your licensed FFL dealer with our Email address to send a copy of its FFL license along with your name.
  6. Once you have confirmed an FFL dealer to ship the product to for execution of your firearm transfer, proceed with entering your order on our website. Please fill in your selected FFL dealer’s name (name on the FFL) and shipping information on your order so we know where to ship your firearm.
  7. Firearm will be shipped by Viridian pursuant to applicable legal requirements to the licensed FFL dealer upon confirmation of valid FFL License with your identification and order information details.
  8. In order for the transfer to be approved, the FFL dealer is required to complete the ATF 4473 Form and you must pass a background check.  Upon these steps, you may take possession of the firearm from your selected FFL dealer.

Please include your ORDER NUMBER on any correspondence you or your FFL may send us.

It is best to locate a FFL dealer to transfer your gun before you place your order. However, you can place your order first and then provide us with your FFL dealer info before we ship. We will hold your order for about 7 business days to give you time to locate a dealer and arrange a transfer.

If you have questions or concerns please CONTACT US at 763-479-4091 or at We will be happy to address your concerns.


Once the firearm is ready to be picked up at your FFL dealer, Please INSPECT THE FIREARM THOROUGHLY to make sure it is exactly what you ordered and that there are no issues with the firearm. If there are any problems whatsoever, DO NOT ACCEPT THE TRANSFER !! We will gladly have the firearm picked up and returned to us at our expense and provide you with your choice of a replacement or full refund.  Once you accept the transfer, the gun is considered used and must be returned directly to the manufacturer for warranty repair or replacement. Any returns to Viridian AFTER accepting the transfer from your dealer you MAY be charged a restocking fee

Disclaimer – Viridian Weapon Technologies bears no responsibility for the legal requirements of the transfer process pursuant to Federal Firearms law and requirements of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, and Firearms.  You must be at least 21 years old to purchase a firearm from regardless of state requirements and must be a legal resident of the state in which you wish to transfer the firearm.   By proceeding with the order, you are certifying compliance with those requirements.   Viridian is not responsible for determining purchaser eligibility to purchase, own, or possess a firearm under applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations.  Viridian will refund purchase and cancel order if purchaser is determined ineligible under federal, state, or local laws or regulations to obtain or possess a firearm.  Viridian will assume no responsibility for the proper safe handling and storage of the firearm as well as obtaining proper instruction for the safe use and handling of the firearm.  Viridian assumes no liability associated with claims for death, injuries, or damage associated with any person’s legal or illegal use or misuse of the firearm.

Straw purchasing, the act of purchasing a firearm intended for another person, is ILLEGAL and Viridian in no way condones this act.  If Viridian becomes aware of an intended straw purchase, the action will be reported to applicable authorities.

*NOTE TO CALIFORNIA RESIDENTS.  The handgun models offered for sale have not been submitted for listing on the California Handgun Roster of Handguns Certified for Sale.  California residents should not place orders.  Please contact us at for inquiries regarding handgun eligibility in California.



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