Law Enforcement

Weapon Mounted Camera Testing & Evaluation

Request Form

If your department is interested in obtaining a Viridian product for testing and evaluation ("T&E"), please complete all fields on this form and return to Viridian's Law Enforcement Sales Department ( You will have the option to return the Viridian unit[s] or purchase the unit[s] being tested.

Agency Authorization

This Testing and Evaluation program authorization must be approved by an agency head or another member of the staff authorized by Department policy to make decisions on equipment acquisition or trial.

The above official authorizes a 60-day testing and evaluation of the Viridian product[s] provided. Following the conclusion of the testing and evaluation period, testing department may return the unit[s] at no cost, or may retain the units[s] as part of department implementation by remitting payment.

Viridian Law Enforcement Testing & Evaluation ("T&E") Program - Terms & Conditions

  1. The law enforcement agency ("Agency") shall acquire no ownership rights, entitlements, or title to any T&E unit[s] and/or associated equipment described herein and provided by Viridian ("Company") to the Agency under this program unless Agency completes a formal purchase of the T&E unit[s].
  2. Agency will be responsible to interface or connect T&E unit[s] or associated equipment to applicable rearms or other applicable testing apparatus and shall not modify the T&E unit[s]or equipment provided by Company. Any modifications to the unit[s] or equipment provided for testing purposes shall be accomplished only by Company, unless otherwise authorized by written agreement signed by both Agency and Company.
  3. Company (including all affiliates, officers, employees, contractors, successors and assigns) shall not be liable for any failure or malfunction of T&E items, injury to Agency personnel or other persons, loss or damage to Agency property or property in its custody, and/or loss of use of such property. NEITHER PARTY SHALL BE LIABLE TO THE OTHER PARTY FOR ANY INDIRECT, CONSEQUENTIAL, EXEMPLARY, SPECIAL, INCIDENTAL OR PUNITIVE DAMAGES, EVEN IF THE ALLEGEDLY RESPONSIBLE PARTY KNEW OR SHOULD HAVE KNOWN OF THE POSSIBILITY OR PROBABILITY OF SUCH LOSS OR DAMAGE. Agency shall hold harmless and indemnify Company for any and all claims arising out of Agency's alleged liability associated with the testing and evaluation process.
  4. Agency shall protect and safeguard any information obtained that the Company has identified as proprietary, confidential, and/or as a Company trade secret. Agency and its personnel may divulge such information only to those Agency personnel directly involved in the tests and evaluation and then only on a bonafide need-to-know basis.
  5. Agency shall not be obligated to purchase any equipment, materials, or services from the Company as a result of the test and evaluation activity. However, Agency must return all T&E unit[s] and associated equipment within 14 days of the testing and evaluation period, unless the extension is agreed upon by Company, or will be considered to be purchasing the item[s] and subject to receiving an invoice for the item[s]. This testing and evaluation time period prior to purchase may be extended by agreement of both parties.
  6. Company provides no warranty for T&E unit[s] or equipment, express or implied. Company disclaims any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a for a particular purpose. Nothing contained in the testing and evaluation program shall be construed as creating any form of legal relationship between the parties.
  7. For non-government agencies, a credit card deposit will be required prior to shipment of your Viridian unit[s].
  8. Viridian has sole discretion to approve or deny all T&E requests.