V210 Illuminator with Manual Zoom

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The V210 Long Range Illuminator is the ultimate access for night-time hunting. Illuminators deploy high-intensity, next-gen LED technology to throw a brilliant, tactical-grade light beam far downrange. Undetectable green, red or infrared beams paint distant targets in total darkness, without spooking your quarry, staining your eyes, or blowing a paycheck on high price gear. The brilliant beam lets you find a trail or disorient an opponent instantly.


  • Up to 1000 lumens LED light available in green, red, white or infrared
  • 6-40 hour runtime
  • 200 yard range
  • Manual zoom adjustment
  • Waterproof and impact resistant
  • 3 light modes (high, medium and low)


  • Illuminator
  • Mounting bracket
  • 18650 rechargeable battery
  • Battery charger
  • Remote pressure switch *pressure switch allows for momentary activation only
More Information
Series Illuminator
Mounting Rail
Radiance Combat Optics No
Battery Type 18650 Rechargeable
Batt. Life (constant) 6-40 Hours
Optics LED Light Only
Range 200 yards
Strobing Effect No
Activation On/Off Only
Long Gun Specific Yes
Warranty Length 1 year