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  • Guest Post: Viridian Weapon Technologies

    Faster shooting isn't always better

    Beau Doboszenski
    Defense Mindset Training

    I love exploring the finer points of effective firearms use, and I’ve become especially interested in trigger modulation.

    What is trigger modulation? It’s how you as a shooter should vary the speed of trigger depression and reset based upon speed, standard of accuracy, and capability. For example, if the target is close and the standard of accuracy large, shots should be very fast. If the target is far and the standard of accuracy small, shots should be very slow.

    But curiously, unless the distance and standard of accuracy are extreme, most shooters rarely modulate the trigger. This lack of training leads to more missed shots when it counts.

    Published at: 04-12-2019
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  • Guest Post: Viridian Weapon Technologies

    Tactical Shooting and Moving

    Beau Doboszenski of Defensive Mindset Training is weighing in on a consistant feature in defensive literature, the concept of "getting off the X."

    In military parlance, an ambush is set by creating two interlocking fields of fire from a unit. Those fields of fire interlock to make an ‘X.’ Therefore, to get out of an ambush, it is crucial to get out of that area of interlocking fire or “off the X.”

    This concept has been more broadly applied to self-defense to mean getting off of the line of attack. In a one-on-one situation there isn’t an interlocking field of fire, but there is a point or line of attack. By picturing actual visual lines you gain an interesting perspective on how to deal with an incoming attack while moving and shooting.

    Published at: 03-15-2019
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