Viridian's new FACT DUTY is designed to provide crucial data when a deadly force incident occurs. This duty-grade, weapon-mounted camera provides HD video and audio at the crucial moment when an officer is required to unholster their weapon. The FACT DUTY is so powerful, it may stop a riot before it starts.

Body Cams Can/May Fail You

  • Body cameras needs to be turned on and off manually
  • Video can be blocked by officers body in certain shooting positions
  • Body cameras are prone to fall off when running or in a struggle
  • Cannot record video around corners
  • Body cameras do not show what is at the end of your weapon
  • Inferior situational awareness due to stationary position


Camera instantly begins recording upon removal from the holster and stops recording when holstered. Proprietary activation of camera & audio only by Viridian®.

Holster Friendly

FACT DUTY fits all Safariland® light-bearing holsters. An INSTANT-ON upgrade kit is included and easy to install.

Viridian WMCs vs. BWCs The Real Costs

Easy to Implement

Fits nearly all light bearing holsters

Password protected for evidence integrity

Easily integrates with your current evidence management pro