What really happened.

The truth as told by the facts. Viridian's new FACT DUTY is designed to provide crucial data when a use of force incident occurs.

Law Enforcement

FACT DUTY weapon-mounted cameras are the ideal solution for police departments large and small.

Personal Protection

Legally armed citizens carry to protect their families, property and themselves. Viridian weapon-mounted cameras protect you.

Competition Shooting

Take every advantage. No more homemade action cams. Use Viridian's weapon-mounted cameras to capture and share your front row seat.


Train. Review. Correct. Repeat.

INSTANT-ON Technology

When you draw, it's on.

INSTANT-ON activation starts recording video and audio automatically when drawn from the holster.

Holster Friendly

FACT DUTY fits all Safariland® and BLACKHAWK!® light-bearing holsters. An INSTANT-ON upgrade kit is included and easy to install.


Up to 500 lumens of brilliant LED light.

FACT DUTY® Rechargeable Battery

Easily recharge your battery with a docking station or the micro USB port.

HD Resolution

Video and audio at the critical moments.


Choose from a variety of accessories, including batteries, data transfer cords, charging docks, and ECR INSTANT-ON kits.

USCCA. 100% peace of mind. Self-defense insurance for responsible gun owners. Get protected.

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